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Every day, hundreds of people are injured at their places of business. These injuries can result from poorly-maintained facilities, hazardous materials at the work site, improper training, or failure to adhere to standards of operation — among many other causes.

Unfortunately, employers sometimes try to deny their liability regarding injuries to their employees. And, since many workers need their jobs to pay their bills and feed their families, they are hesitant to “make waves” and stand up for themselves, fearing that they will be fired if they demand compensation for their work-related injuries.

Whether it be an injury that occurred at a refinery, machine shop, warehouse, construction site, or off-shore rig, an employee must move quickly to protect his or her rights. Workers injured on the job need tough, smart representation.

Call the Law Office of Drew Prisner. Drew Prisner protects workers’ rights and builds his strategies with the intention of having the responsible employers pay what they rightly owe.