Attorney Drew Prisner

Think of me as your hired gun. when it feels like the criminal justice system is bearing down on you, or an insurance company is trying to avoid financial responsibility, I’m here, on your side, Ready to Represent YOU with a no-nonsense approach.

When you’re engrossed in an unfamiliar legal situation, it can feel like the world is working against you. But that’s why I’m here — to be on your side even through the most trying moments of your case.

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Life Can Lead To Legal Trouble

When it does, I fight back

This Job Isn’t for the Faint of Heart. Fortunately for You, I Stand Up for My Clients.

Losing a case could mean serious consequences for my clients, and I never forget that.

In the world of criminal defense, losing a case can mean days, weeks, months, or even years of freedom being taken away from clients. As for personal injury, losing can result in a client missing out on work or not getting the compensation they need and deserve to cover medical bills and other expenses.

These consequences are very real and very impactful — and I’ve seen what poor or even mediocre representation can do to a client’s case. That’s why I always push for more. I push myself to be great, and I push for the outcomes my clients deserve.

To be frank, this job isn’t for everyone. It takes focus, dedication, drive, and smart planning. These are my strengths, and they’re the reason I’ve successfully resolved so many disputes in my career.

Just as important, though, is establishing a foundation of trust. The way I do this is very simple — by acting like myself. When you seek my help, you won’t get a show or be bombarded with a lot of lawyer lingo. You’ll just get me — talking to you like a person and giving you my professional opinion in a genuine, straightforward way. It’s this authenticity, I think, that keeps clients coming back when they run into legal issues.

Case Results

I became an attorney because I believe three things:

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1. Tough Cases Deserve Tough Representation

People who are put in difficult legal situations need someone on their side who’s smart, experienced, and aggressive in all the right ways. Only then can their case move forward. Never in my life have I been afraid of a challenge, and I’ve found that to be one of the greatest advantages I can give to a client in a legal battle.

2. Your Rights Won't Defend Themselves

When I started law school, I quickly gravitated toward criminal defense. A few years later, I found my way into personal injury, too. Looking back, I know that my pull toward these areas is a reflection of my deep-seeded need to protect the rights of those who need it.

3. The Corporate Lifestyle Isn't for Everyone

If you’ve ever seen the movie Office Space, you have a clear insight into my life before I became an attorney. I went to law school to escape that unfitting corporate lifestyle and take control of my own destiny. Now, I  try to take every opportunity to change others' lives for the better, too.


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